The potential impact of COVID-19 on your supply contracts.

Supply contracts, whether in the form of standard terms and conditions or a more bespoke agreement, form the basis upon which most suppliers effectively provide goods and or services to their customers and clients. Some contracts, of course, are not subject to written terms and are based upon what was discussed between the parties before the supply was made.

Our current arch-enemy, Covid-19, has caused havoc worldwide, having a profound effect on the manner in which we live our lives, and the ability to provide some goods and services.  It is worth noting, that contracts entered into without the benefit of written terms will not contain (amongst other provisions such as limitation of liability and retention of title) an anti-COVID-19  (or otherwise known as a force majeure) clause, which would assist in times such as these when supplies are hindered (or prevented) as a consequence of an event that a supplier cannot control.

Whilst legal services may not be high on the agenda of some businesses right now, now may be a good time to carry out some housekeeping, and to review what contractual provisions are in place;  this will ensure that, when the World get back to whatever normal is going to look like,  businesses know that their contracts provide adequate protection for the supplies that they control. For a free high-level review and health check of your standard terms and conditions or supply contract, please E-mail Darren Carter to arrange an informal no ties discussion.

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