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However unfortunate or unpredictable the cause, our bankruptcy lawyers help you get through what is often a very difficult time of your life.

Our bankruptcy lawyers can help you get through what is often one of the most challenging and stressful periods in life.

Many people who file for personal bankruptcy or declare themselves bankrupt often do so because of a series of unfortunate and unpredictable life circumstances.

A medical emergency, a sudden job loss, separation and divorce, or an unexpected death in a family can plunge anyone into debt and make them insolvent – leading to bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and whether it’s the right thing for you is a decision that needs careful consideration.  That’s why we can offer you a free consultation to assess your individual situation.

Our experienced bankruptcy solicitors, based in Leeds, Harrogate and Pontefract, will spend time helping you understand the implications of declaring bankruptcy and your options.

Before you consider going bankrupt, our bankruptcy lawyers want to make sure you have full knowledge of what the bankruptcy process means for you.

We always explore alternatives to insolvency such as debt management plans and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

We can also help if a bankruptcy petition has been presented or a bankruptcy order has been made. We can apply to dismiss the bankruptcy petition or set aside or annul the bankruptcy order.

Whatever debt or insolvency situation you face, you can rest assured you’ll receive reliable, effective advice – and a fast and affordable service.

This legal expertise is provided by a team of bankruptcy solicitors who have the knowledge, experience and skills to advise you on the best course of action.

Over the years, we’ve advised individuals, sole traders and partnerships on a variety of debt issues and all aspects of bankruptcy.

We also specialise in debt recovery. If you are owed money, our debt recovery solicitors can help you recover money that is due to you – efficiently and quickly.

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Our bankruptcy team is one of several specialist teams in place to help you navigate the law.

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