Fees proposal could boost mediation and arbitration

News broke on Friday of the Ministry of Justice’s proposed introduction of 5% fees for claims above £10,000 and concern has been raised by Judges of it’s potential impact. See Law Society Gazette article: Top judges express ‘deep concerns’ at fees proposal: http://tinyurl.com/mcsnyyf

However, this proposal could make mediation & arbitration even more attractive route than ever…

Giles Ward, Senior Partner and Head of Litigation says:

“On the surface this looks like a real threat to access to justice.
Whether that is the case or not, what it certainly does is strengthen
the case for Alternative Dispute Resolution – like mediation and
arbitration. So make sure your contracts have mediation clauses
in them.

“Litigation needs to be mediated at the first applicable moment
and arbitration also is probably more appealable too”

If you are affected by any of these issues, or want to make sure your contracts are in shape, contact Giles Ward on giles.ward@milnerslaw.com for Litigation enquiries, jodie.hill@milnerslaw.com for Employment Law related advice and richard.dean@milnerslaw.com for Corporate and Commercial Law related advice.


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