WE would all admit that the advances in technology we have witnessed over the past few decades have been fantastic.

These innovations have changed the way we live, making our working lives easier and everything quicker.

In particular, it has changed the way we communicate with each other.

These days we use email and text messages to communicate, and with mobile phones we are always able to keep in touch no matter where we are.

It is a far cry from the ways of working that existed when Milners solicitors first opened for business in Leeds more than 120 years ago.

But a recent news article would make many hearts sink.

A 78-year-old man in a hospital in California was informed that he had only a few days to live – by a doctor using a video link delivered into the room by a robot.

That cannot be right surely?

Many of us will feel so sorry for the poor man and his family, but it also begs the question about what this says about us?

Working in the legal sector, we increasingly use new technology to help us work smarter and manage our time more efficiently.

As lawyers, we believe in giving great quality and personalised service to all of our clients and don’t think a robot would quite cut it in the world of law now – and hopefully not for a long while yet.

In fact, a recent report by the Office of National Statistics ranked solicitors among the professions least at risk from being replaced by robots or artificial intelligence, alongside teachers and doctors. (The three occupations with the highest probability of automation and job losses are waiters and waitresses, shelf fillers, and elementary sales occupations).

After all, as lawyers, we are dealing with clients with all types of legal problems on a wide range of legal issues.

In the world of law, the full spectrum of emotions is covered too – from hurt, anger and frustration to fear, loss and confusion … and everything in-between.

People seeking advice need to speak with a solicitor who is calm, measured, sympathetic, pragmatic, not made of metal … and BEING THERE.

Here at Milners solicitors, that is what our team of expert lawyers in Leeds, Harrogate and Pontefract do every day, with an experienced legal support team behind them.

So please remember that all our solicitors are, after all, human beings and recognise that basic human contact is something that we all need – especially in law.

This human touch can make the world seem a much less scary place, and the question we should all ask more often is: “Can we talk?”

If you need expert legal advice – in life, as well as in business – our solicitors are here to talk, and listen. You can contact our friendly and approachable team at Milners on 0113 245 0852 or email us at hello@milnerslaw


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