10 things to think about when you’re starting a new job

Great news, you’ve a new job! It’s an exciting time, and to make sure you know your rights and responsibilities as you set off in your new role, here are some of the things to think about from a legal perspective:

Here are Milners Employment Law expert Jodie Hill’s Top 10 things to check:

Have you received a contract (section 1 Statement of Particulars) within 2 months from starting your employment?

Sickness absence monitoring policy (may be in your contract) – who do you have to report to and by what time if you are sick?

Disability – is there anything your employer should know in terms adjustments that could be made or may be needed in the future?

Check the social media policy – eg. Tweets/ facebook made even outside of work and not related to work could be caught under this policy if your profile says where you work or you have colleagues on your profile.

Internet usage – personal use or work emails and some websites like Facebook could be restricted or prohibited?

Take you p45 from your previous employer to try to avoid emergency tax.

Check your referees on your CV are aware you are seeking employment so that they respond in a timely manner to avoid any delays in starting new employment

Is your contract a zero hour contract? If so is it lawful and how far in advance do you agree to be informed about available work?

Does your contract contain an exclusivity clause?

If your contract contains additional, restrictive clauses post termination (i.e restrictions on who you can work for and with after you leave employment, copyright and intellectual property rights), seek independent advice BEFORE signing the contract otherwise you are bound by them!

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