Property Disputes

Resolving conflicts through negotiation or the courts, our approach is results focused and minimises stress.

Nobody disputes An Englishman’s home is his castle – and for many of us, buying a property is the biggest investment we will make in our lives.

However, bricks and mortar, and land, can often give rise to some of the most complex legal disputes, arguments and tensions.  These can escalate quickly without the right expert advice.

When a property dispute arises – however big or small that dispute is – it’s important that you get the best property law advice promptly and in a cost-effective manner.

If not resolved quickly, property dispute issues can drag on and grow into a difficult and stressful battleground – with your investment and income at risk.

We have developed a growing specialism in resolving a range of property disputes whether they involve your neighbours and the wider public; or, for those of you who are property landlords, your tenants.

Our experienced teams of property dispute lawyers in Leeds, Pontefract and Harrogate have a proven track-record and excellent reputation for protecting you and your rights in the most robust way.

Whether it is a neighbour refusing to cut back trees blocking your home; or a developer refusing to fix problems to your new-build home, we can help.

Our comprehensive property disputes expertise extends to:

Our property dispute department is one of several we have in place to guide you through life.

Others include conveyancing; divorce and separation; employment law; debt and bankruptcy; personal injury; and wills, trusts and inheritance tax planning.

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