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Making a will is the best way to ensure that your belongings, your savings and other assets go to the people you want them to after you’re gone.

Don’t assume that your estate will automatically pass in full to your spouse or civil partner. Write a will.

Without a will, the law decides who inherits and this may not be what you want. For example, if you’re not married or in a civil partnership, then without a will your surviving partner won’t automatically inherit any part of your estate.

Many of our clients come to us for advice on more complex matters such as:

  • protecting your assets from being used for nursing home fees
  • appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf regarding your finances, property or health and welfare (known as lasting power of attorney)
  • appointing someone to deal with your property and belongings after you die (known as administering your estate)
  • acquiring permission to deal with someone’s estate after they have died (known as probate)
  • establishing a trust to protect a loved one’s inheritance

With your life’s belongings at stake, you need the kind of expertise you can trust to give you the best advice and support possible at an affordable price.

Whether you need a straightforward will, or help with a more complicated inheritance tax planning matter, you can be confident that Milners Solicitors can advise you on the best course of action.

We make the process of writing a will as straightforward as possible while our trusts and estates department provides sensitive and professional help and advice on inheritance tax planning, trusts and settlements, probate and administration of estates and nursing home issues.

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