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It’s a sad reality that deliberate deception for personal gain, or with the intention of causing damage or deprivation, is part and parcel of contemporary society. It is also unfortunate that the government’s 2006 Fraud Review found that much fraudulent activity continues to go unreported. Indeed, it is not unusual for victims to remain silent because they are embarrassed at having been ‘duped’.

The 2011 National Fraud Authority’s annual fraud indicator estimated that fraud costs the UK over £38 billion per year, with losses to the public sector amounting to £21 billion. Twelve billion pounds was lost in the private sector, £4 billion by individuals and £1.3 billion in the charity sector.

For businessmen and women and their companies, allegations of fraud can have far reaching implications, not least the impact on their reputation.

Milners has a dedicated team of solicitors who are experienced prosecutors in cases of serious fraud, tax fraud and other so-called ‘white collar’ crimes.

When you’re caught up in a fraud investigation, it’s our job to protect your personal and commercial interests. Your ideal scenario is to avoid any catastrophic consequences for your liberty and livelihood. With our intervention, many cases can be resolved at an early stage without the need for formal criminal proceedings at all.

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